EPPL’S PET Sheets Application


Vacuum forming, Food packaging, folding boxes,
Offset printing, Screen printing, Stationary


EPPL’S PET Sheets Characteristics


Excellent transparency and gloss,
excellent gas, water, and chemical barrier properties
Non toxic

High impact resistance Excellent deep forming


With excellent vacuum forming characteristics such as high transparency, high gloss, high impact resistance, and strong chemical and moisture barrier properties, our PET sheet is suitable for all vacuum forming requirements. Typical applications include packaging for stationary, toys, tools, gifts, consumer products and other merchandise.




Our A-PET and R-PET sheets are both FDA compliant for direct food contact. The sheet is made from a non-toxic formulation, which ensures sanitation of the package. Typical applications include chocolate, fruit, eggs, cake, and candy packaging.



We offer an easily vacuum formable PET Sheet with outstanding static resistance, suitable for electronic packaging. Anti-static agent offers better transparency and static resistance. Typical applications include packaging for electronic parts, cell phones, PDA, and other static sensitive products.



Our folding box grade offers excellent transparency, high gloss, and non-crease whitening. These PET Sheets are pre-corona treated on both sides & can be used in all conventional printing machines. Typical applications include boxes for packaging toys, gifts, clothes, cosmetics, and food.



Our print grade PET sheet is easily printable via offset lithography and screen printing. It offers excellent transparency and static resistance. Typical applications include printed boxes and packages, sports cards and collectible cards.