Strapping Tool Specifications

Characteristics ST-Digit-Smart ST-Digit-HT ST – POLI
Strapping Qualities PP & PET PP & PET PP & PET PP & PET PP & PET
Strapping Dimensions Width Thickness 10-16 mm
0.5-1 mm
10-19 mm
0.5-1.05 mm
10-19 mm
0.4-1.1 mm
13-19 mm
0.6-1.7 mm
16-19 mm
0.8-1.27 mm
Weight 3.8kg
(Including battery)
4.5 kg
(Including battery)
4.9 kg 5.2 kg 5.3 kg
Average Seal Strength  
Up to 80% – 90% (Dependent on Strap Quality)
Strap Tension Battery Up to 200 N
(adjustable /
dependent on
strap quality)
Up to 300 N
(adjustable /
dependent on
strap quality)
1500 N 3000 N 4000 N
Power Supply 12 VDC/2.0AH NICO (RED),
Air Supply 6 – 7 Bar



Strapping Size Specifications

Code No. Width X Thickness MM Min. Breaking Strength Kgf. Length Meter/coil
En100600 10.00 x 0.60 240 2800
En120600 12.00 x 0.60 290 2300
En120700 12.00 x 0.70 340 2250
En150600 15.00 x 0.60 360 1500
En155760 15.50 x 0.76 495 1500
En160900 16.00 x 0.90 580 1500
En190100 19.00 x 1.00 760 750
En190127 19.00 x 1.27 1050 650


Sealing Methods For EnviroStrap

EnviroStrap should be applied around the loads at the highest possible tension to take advantage of the strap strength. A good joint is essential to hold the strap ends together. It has following Methods.


Mechanical Seals:
PET has hard, slippery surface, hence serrated metal seal used which has series of teeth or points on inside surface of seal to prevent slippage. Hand operated crimping tools used for metal seals to be used with PET strapping.


Heat Sealing:
A heat seal joint is created by a thermo – electric heater blade (plate) that melts and fuses two ends of tensioned strap together under pressure.


Friction Sealing:

A friction weld joint is formed by rapid vibration of two straps under tension creating enough frictional heat to fuse straps together.



Manual and fully automatic strap sealing tools operating with Battery/Electric/Pneum atic are available on request by customer.


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