Enviro Plastech Pvt. Ltd. is part of Vishal Packaging group (www.vishal-packaging.com) which is offering diverse range of packaging products to its customers since 1985. EPPL is primarily engaged in manufacturing of PET Flakes, PET Sheets and PET Strapping and is the only supplier in Indian market with backward integration of raw material supply for its PET Strapping production line.



An EcoFriendly Alternative To Steel Strapping PET(Polyester) Strapping manufactured by us is substitute of Steel Strapping and finds application in wide range of industries with extraordinary benefits to customer from cost to ease of use with safety compared to Steel Strapping. Additionally it is one of the most eco friendly Strapping products available in market today.



ENVIROSTRAP Benefits with World Class Quality:

EnviroStrap provides its customers with World Class Quality and desired benefits.



The weight of 6 meter of PET strap is equal to the weight of 1 meter of steel strap of same size making it more economical and reducing its freight and handling cost.

Shock Loading:

EnviroStrap performs really well under Shock loading, by maintaining strength for long stretch of time with minimum strap slacking. EnviroStrap has higher Shock Absorbing capacity than steel strap and is ideally suited for packing of compressed products because it can easily absorb sudden forces exerted over it.


EnviroStrap has required elasticity to return to its original position under tension and has better elongation recovery than steel strap. EnviroStrap maintains strap tension by contraction with the pack in the process of pack settlement. Steel strap may become loose if the pack configuration changes, creating a potential hazard when handling large or heavy materials.

Weather Resistance:

EnviroStrap is ideal for applications where packs are to be stored in the open as it has better UV resistance and water resistance and retains high applied tension even in extreme of temperature ranging from -30°C to 70°C. It has no rust formation.

Environment Friendly:

EnviroStrap is recyclable. It is easy for handling and convenient in storage. It is lighter than Steel Strap in weight for a given length.


EnviroStrap has been created for a safer work environment for users because it does not have sharp edges resulting in no injuries during sealing, tensioning or removing the strapping.